Enterprise HTTP components for Delphi

RealThinClient SDK is a software component for building reliable and scalable Windows HTTP/HTTPS applications with Delphi. Built with RealThinClient SDK, an application server can handle thousands of active connections in an efficient multi-threaded manner. Since its first public release in 2005, it has been extensively stress-tested and used by more than 1000 developers worldwide .


RealThinClient SDK is now open source

RTC SDK was originally developed by Danijel Tkalčec in 2004,
and acquired by Teppi Technology in 2018.

Now, as of May 20th 2022, we announce that
ReatlThinClient SDK (a.k.a. RTC SDK) is open source.


After having written ISAPI applications for years using WebBroker, I can’t believe how much easier and quicker it is to develop this type of …

Using the RTC components, I wrote a robust and agile web server in less time that it would have taken me just to learn how to configure …

I would like to congratulate you for the great piece of software you developed. I´m amazed with the easy of use, stability and performance RTC …