Enterprise HTTP components for Delphi

RealThinClient SDK is a software component for building reliable and scalable Windows HTTP/HTTPS applications with Delphi. Built with RealThinClient SDK, an application server can handle thousands of active connections in an efficient multi-threaded manner. Since its first public release in 2005, it has been extensively stress-tested and used by more than 1000 developers worldwide .


RealThinClient SDK is now open source

RTC SDK was originally developed by Danijel Tkalčec in 2004, and acquired by Teppi Technology in 2018 .
Now, as of May 20th 2022, we announce that ReatlThinClient SDK (a.k.a. RTC SDK) is open source.


After having written ISAPI applications for years using WebBroker, I can’t believe how much easier and quicker it is to develop this type of …

Using the RTC components, I wrote a robust and agile web server in less time that it would have taken me just to learn how to configure …

I would like to congratulate you for the great piece of software you developed. I´m amazed with the easy of use, stability and performance RTC …