Monthly Archives: March 2013

Beware of the “As Administrator” option on Windows 8

Yesterday, I was preparing my Windows 8 Tablet PC for development and testing. As always, I went to use the “_clear.cmd” file from the “Lib” folder to delete old files before preparing a new package. But – wait! Windows 8 won’t let me run CMD files just like that! It blocked every time. So … to outsmart this new Windows 8 feature (I think it’s called “Screen-Scan”), I’ve simply selected “As Administrator” to run the “_clear.cmd” file with higher access rights.

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Write your first Remote Function (Lesson 5)

In this lesson, we’ll be building a solution with a Server and a Client. This first lesson with a Client side made with RealThinClient Components is simple but shows the concept behind a client – server system that could be the base for a larger application. We’ll be using Remote Functions to accomplish this task.

This Post has three sections.

  1. The Server.
  2. The Client.
  3. Make it work.

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Send large files from a Server (Lesson 4)

This demo continues over Demo 3 (Sending small files). Now, we are going to make a webserver that is able to send files no matter their size.

We must be careful with our server’s memory, we may have a really big file in our server and we don’t want to use all of it.

At our first two examples we have been sending all of our content at once on the OnCheckRequest and OnDataReceived events of our RtcDataProvider components.

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