About Us – Teppi Technology

Company Profile

Company Name Teppi Technology Co. Ltd.
Head Office 1-4-6-101 ShimoMeguro
Tokyo 153-0064 JAPAN
Founded in 7th Jul, 2000
Managing director and CEO Kunikazu Okada

Teppi Technology is ..

Teppi Technology is a Tokyo Japan based independent software developing company, specializing in document management systems , file server search systems and remote access solutions that works with Windows file servers. Teppi Technology was founded in 2000, released the first version of its flagship packaged software “FileBlog” in July, 2007. Since then Teppi Technology has sold products to wide range of enterprise customers with high volume Windows file servers.

RTC and Teppi

We, Teppi Technology have been using RealThinClient SDK since 2008. We began developing web server application with PHP first. But soon we found our enterprise customers suffer from poor performance and unstability. Since then, RTC SDK helped us a lot with its rock solid performance.