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Beware of the “As Administrator” option on Windows 8

Yesterday, I was preparing my Windows 8 Tablet PC for development and testing. As always, I went to use the “_clear.cmd” file from the “Lib” folder to delete old files before preparing a new package. But – wait! Windows 8 won’t let me run CMD files just like that! It blocked every time. So … to outsmart this new Windows 8 feature (I think it’s called “Screen-Scan”), I’ve simply selected “As Administrator” to run the “_clear.cmd” file with higher access rights.

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Posting code examples to RTC Forums

I’ve been burned by BB tags [b] and [i] more than once when posting code examples to RTC Forums, so I thought this would be worth mentioning here.

When posting to RTC Forums, you will be editing your text in raw format. This gives you full control over the look of your post by allowing you to directly insert special “BB” tags ([i] …[/i] for italic, [b]..[/b] for bold, [u]…[/u] for underlined text, and so on). You can also use the toolbar, which is visible directly above the text entry area (when composing your Forum post) to insert BB tags around your currently selected text.

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