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 Demo 5, converted to ISAPI Dll:
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Kevin Morris

18.07.2008 00:35:20
Registered user
I've modified Demo 5 to connect to my own Firebird database.  As an .Exe I can get it to work correctly.  I then followed the instructions given in this support forum to "convert" my project to an ISAPI DLL.  According to the instructions, it is not necessary to call Server.Listen in the ISAPI DLL DataModule that contains the server.

I was able to follow all the instructions given, and my source code that was used to compile out to an .Exe now compiles to a .DLL.  However, I can't get it to work.  I get the subject error message. I'm using Apache, and I have other ISAP DLLs that I can get to work properly.  According to help provided in this forum I'm supposed to add the ISAPI virtual folder to the client's ModuleFileName, so I did that too, using the following code:


  if xbxSrvrIsDLL.Checked then
    ClientMod.ModuleFileName := '/ISAPI-BIN/RtcDemo5_tina.dll/REMOTEQUERY'
    ClientMod.ModuleFileName := '/REMOTEQUERY';

In the Server IP edit box, I'm entering only the IP address of the PC that is acting as the server, and the port is set to 80. (Which is the port Apache is listening on)

But the LogOn keeps failing with the subject error message.

I'm stuck.  Unable to continue my evaluation.  Danijel, (or some other benevolent soul)..

Can I sent you my source code so you can have a look?  It's D7.  You could probably solve my problem in a few seconds.
I'll fork over some $ to you.  Tell me your terms and I'll pay :-)  I have very limited time to learn this.  I really need a tutor.

BTW: My appache setup is:

ScriptAlias /isapi-bin/ "C:/isapi-bin/"

<Directory "C:/isapi-bin">
    AllowOverride None
    Options All
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

And as I say, I have another ISAPI DLL in the same directory that runs correctly. (It's not an RTC DLL)

Thanks in advance.
Danijel Tkalcec [RTC]

18.07.2008 08:35:28
Registered user
Hi Kevin,

1) What is "the subject error message"?

2) Check if your URL to the Apache DLL is correct and has proper casing. Apache might be case-sensitive and your ScriptAlias in the Apache setup is in small case ("/isapi-bin/"), but the URL you are using in ClientMod.FileName is all in uppercase ("/ISAPI-BIN/").

3) Adding a simple RtcDataProvider to your ISAPI which will return a simple HTML page to let you know that your ISAPI is properly installed will make it easier for you to test if your URL is correct and your ISAPI is accessible - by using any Web Browser.

4) Does your example need to access files? Check your file and database paths in your ISAPI project and do NOT use relative paths because they will not work the same from a DLL and with EXE. Always use absolute paths. The global variable AppFileName will point to the EXE or the DLL of your application, so you can use it to construct an absolute path from a path relative to your EXE/DLL location.

5) I can not offer tutoring for using the RTC SDK (especially while on a vacation), but you can try to ask for help on Borland Newsgroups, or post a Bid Request on to see if you can find a developer experienced in the RTC SDK to help you out on your project.

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec
Kevin Morris

18.07.2008 16:05:56
Registered user
I now see I forgot to include the error message in the subject (Actually called the "Title" in this forum)

Error message is: "LogOn: Server not listening"

DT:  I'll try to continue, following your suggestions.  Thanks.