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Andrew W.

23.09.2009 18:41:42
Registered user
My question is simple: what, if anything, do I need to do to maximise performance when using SSL?


- Client is written using RTC SDK. We've had considerable problems with Firewalls and AV software stopping RTC traffic in unencrypted form. Kerio Winroute & NOD32 have both caused problems (for instance, in accessing this site!). However, using SSL offers an attractive option for getting round this.

- The Client has Useproxy=TRUE, Mutlithreaded=FALSE, and will have UseSSL=True (meaning, I hope, that WinINet SSL will be used).

- Our server is also using RTC SDK. However, it is hidden behind an Apache web server that is acting as a Reverse Proxy server. This is so that our internet-facing server can provide services from IIS and our RTC server. Apache will receive SSL traffic and pass it in unencrypted form to our RTC server, which is (I believe) how Apache is commonly used.

So back to my question: the 'handshake' for SSL can take a while. Do I need to do anything to maximise my performance?

One thing that matters on the server is the Keep Alive setting (that's on the Apache Server).

Do I need to set anything similar?

Even if you've no idea (and assuming there is still some activity on this forum) I'd still like to hear other user experiences regarding SSL and Performance.
Andrew W.

23.09.2009 18:43:17
Registered user
>>Do I need to set anything similar?

This should read:
>>Do I need to set anything similar on my RTC client or in WinINet?
Stephen Mott

25.09.2009 13:10:16
Registered user
Can't really give much feedback on SSL at the moment, we're currently evaluating Secure Blackbox (well we have, just waiting on funds now), but the eval has a deliberate 1.5sec slowdown on all calls so it's a bit tricky to judge speed, plus this is mainly at the server end.