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 Creating DataSet Fields for RTC Remote Functions
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 Author Creating DataSet Fields for RTC Remote Functions
Danijel Tkalcec [RTC]

01.06.2006 21:21:12
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Here is one example …
with Result.newDataSet do


  for a:=1 to 10 do


Field names are assigned automaticaly when you set any property for the field (like “FieldType”, “FieldSize” or Value) and all field properties are set by using the field name. You can’t explicitly specify at which position a new Field will be created, it is always appended after the last field.

In other words, you shouldn’t try using the FieldName[] property to create new fields. FieldName[] property is there primarily to get the name of one already created field (for example, you can use it on the receiving side to check which fields your dataset has), or to rename the field (which is seldom necessary, but possible). In other words, there is no need for using the FieldName[] property in your example.