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 RTC Messenger DLL (unable to connect from client)
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 Author RTC Messenger DLL (unable to connect from client)
Kevin Morris

18.07.2008 22:07:44
Registered user
I can get the RTC Messenger to work as client .exe and server .exe on my laptop (the "client" in this case).

On a different computer (my PC.. the "Server") I load the MSG_ISAPI.dll into folder C:\isapi-bin
This path matches the "ScriptAlias" as configured in Apache and it has appropriate directory access permissions set up in the config file of Apache.  Apache has be loaded and is working properly serving up other ISAPI .dlls

In the client, I change the IP address to that of my PC  ( and leave the port at 80.
I try to connect to the server ISAPI DLL from the client and it tells me that "Error sending a request to the Messenger server"  "Connection to server lost".

So, then I start playing with what should go into the "Module Path" edit box.  I have tried:


None of these work.  What am I doing wrong?

(PS:  I have made a posting on RentACoder for a tutor to help me with RTC SDK.  Until then, I need help with even the most basic things)  (Danijel, how big is the RTC SDK community, world wide?  Just curious).

Thanks in advance for any help.
Kevin Morris

18.07.2008 22:42:44
Registered user
Ok, I'm dum.  I reversed it.



So, in my client's I guess I need to get the user to indicate if they are connecting to a DLL server or not, and append the moduleName? property accordingly.

Is that correct?
Kevin Morris

18.07.2008 23:56:04
Registered user
Still no go.

I think I successfully and correctly converted the DBDemo 5 do a ISAPI DLL.
How do I get the DBDemo 5 client to connect?  What belongs in the Module File name?
(I need to know '/' '$' locations as well, if any)
Danijel Tkalcec [RTC]

19.07.2008 10:59:59
Registered user
Hi Kevin,

ModuleFileName in the ClientModule component has to point to the URI of the ModuleFileName in your ServerModule component. If your ServerModule component is running from a third-party Web Server as an ISAPI DLL, then you need to include the URI to the ISAPI to the ModuleFileName in front of the ModuleFileName set in the ServerModule component.

In other words, if ServerModule.ModuleFileName='/mymodule' and you have set up the ISAPI DLL so that it is accessible through '', then you need to set ClientModule.ModuleFileName:='/cgi-bin/myisapi.dll/mymodule'. That is the URI to the ISAPI DLL plus the ModuleFileName set in the ServerModule inside the ISAPI.

PS. I do not know how big the RTC SDK community is, but there are 400+ licensed RTC SDK users and there were 800+ downloads from SourceForge in the first few months after the RTC SDK was made available there.

Best Regards,
Danijel Tkalcec
Kevin Morris

19.07.2008 17:03:42
Registered user
Hi DT.  Thanks for supporting me, even on your vacation.

From what I can see, RTC SDK is a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!  Some great ideas just take time to be accepted by the marketplace.  Every Delphi programmer should have this SDK!  Learning curve (for me, at least) is a little steep.  But I have this feeling that if I could just grasp about 8 basic concepts... I'd be off and running... building my next Killer App!

I think I already tried the .ModuleFileName suggested, but I will re-check and try again.  Also I'll be watchful of case sensitivity.