– licensed RealThinClient user since November 2011.

“Delphi’s Most Productive – Productivity Tool”

In the sixteen years that I have been developing with Delphi, I have purchased many 3rd party ‘Productivity Tools’ and sadly, very few lived up to expectations. Having recently purchased your  Real Thin Client, it has already become my most valuable library.

RTC truly lives up to being called a “Productivity Tool”. Most libraries I own boost my productivity by 10% to 25% in their respective coding category (e.g. charting, reporting etc). However, to my amazement, Real Thin Client  immediately gave me a genuine ten fold productivity increase in internet / communications coding – that’s equivalent to a 1000% increase!

Let me try and put that into perspective… In less time that it’s taken to get a reply to a pre-sales inquiry with ‘another supplier’, I evaluated the trial version of RTC, had four communications with RTC, purchased the SDK, wrote and tested prototypes for the more complex communication requirements (Windows background services) of my new project and received a free product update.  But I do expect a reply from ‘the other company’ any day now..

It is estimated that Real Thin Client will save me at least 160 coding hours on my current web based project.  But the real bonus is that all my internet communication functions will be using solid, tried and proven code.  Who knows how many additional weeks will be saved during the testing & debugging phase?

If your application(s) need network communications, Real Thin Client will literally do in minutes, what will take you hours to achieve otherwise! For typical tasks, you may just need to tweak one of the many comprehensive (and free) examples and the job is done…

– Paul L Taylor
Affordable Technology, Perth
[ Western Australia ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since January 2009.

I would like to congratulate you for the great piece of software you developed. I´m amazed with the easy of use, stability and performance RTC components delivers for us developers. I´m sure my applications are going to achieve a new degree of quality and performance now. In two days i have a running prototype of a middle-tier I wished for years. Keep up the great work!

– Fabiano Bonin
Americana, SP
[ Brazil ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since June 2007.

Thanks to your RTC SDK component set, I was able to add a reliable Web Server to my application. My customers have been requesting real time web monitoring and control of their radio telemetry systems. With your components the task became doable. I have been running my application with your web server for several months now without a hiccup. My customers are also running your web server and they love it. It’s great to use a product that works well.

Thanks for a great product.

– Ted Roper
Folsom, CA
[ USA ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since September 2006.

I’m a part time independent Delphi developer who only had experience writing fat clients for internal networks. When a potential client approached me about writing a client application that would talk to a database over the internet with encryption, I was apprehensive. I didn’t want to turn them away, so I did some research and found Real Thin Client. Within a month I had the service and the client deployed. The RTC SDK is easy to understand and follow, especially with the provided examples.

Three months later I added their website functionality to the same RTC service (port 80 or website and port 10098 for client), no need for IIS or Apache. SSL was then added to the website portion using StremSec components that RTC supports. The client then wanted to do more with the website than I was able to handle, so they went to IIS. I was able to easily split out the client service portion to run separately under port 10098 and the website portion into an ISAPI DLL to run under IIS.

Through all the changes and additions, the services have never faltered.

– Bruce Michener
Sacramento, CA
[ USA ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since September 2006.

Using the RTC components, I wrote a robust and agile web server in less time that it would have taken me just to learn how to configure any of the free or not-so-free web servers. Multi-threading/sessions/cookies/etc. are being taken care off by the RTC component so all I have to do is write C++ code to handle each request and send back a file or HTML code.

I wrote three different servers so far and they all have been running for over a year with no problems at all (and with a small footprint). I also laugh when I see in the logs attempts at cracking the server. Those attempts are exploring weaknesses of well known servers (Apache/Microsoft/php/etc.) and since I’m not using any of those, I do not have to worry.

My servers do not have many configuration options so there are no things that I forgot to set. It took me no time at all to blacklist a user who was trying to guess passwords. In short, the RTC tools are very flexible and my three servers are running on the same Windows 2003 server under different IP addresses. Feel free to try out the main server at “http://www.Webium.com”.

– Steve Kalhas
ISOFT, INC.Seattle, WA
[ USA ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since March 2006.

Although I have only been using the Real Thin Client SDK for a few short months, they have already become invaluable and essential to the applications I have been developing. They have reduced development time substantially and proven to be robust, solid and fast.

After having written ISAPI applications for years using WebBroker, I can’t believe how much easier and quicker it is to develop this type of application using RTC.  As a test, I redeveloped my WebBroker-based ISAPI applications using RTC and noticed a significant improvement in response times.

RTC is very versatile and can be used for a lot more than just ISAPI applications.  I’m sure I’ve only explored a new small portion of its capabilities so far.  I’m really looking forward to the new features Danijel and co have planned for this excellent framework.

– Steve Gill
Cybercom Software
[ Australia ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since August 2006.

Mit den RTC SDK Tools war es uns möglich, unsere Anwendung innerhalb weniger Tage so zu erweitern, daß langwierige Programmaufgaben auf einen Server ausgelagert werden können, ohne daß die Benutzer die Kontrolle daruber von der Clientseite aus verlieren. Der Support und die Hilfe von Danijel Tkalcec war schnell, ausführlich und äußerst kompetent.

– Gunter Kieninger
mgm Software Team GesmbH
[ Austria ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since June 2006.

I am delighted with the success I have had with the RTC components.

With no prior knowledge of isapi or internet requirements other than some very basic html, I was able to develop and install an intranet server and website which provides reports from a number of NexusDB database applications as well as a forum for my users to access to ask questions or make suggestions, with less than a week’s learning and effort.

I know of no other product which would allow me to do this with the same ease, speed and degree of confidence. I found that even the demos are of commercial quality. RTC is an outstanding software company with rapid, very good support.

– David Guest
C/S Software Developer
Phelps Memorial Hospital Center
Sleepy Hollow, NY
[ USA ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since June 2006.

Can I just say how pleased I am with the SDK, my old webservice (that is now replaced by the RTC server) used to take about 4-5 seconds to return the data, the new RTC Server does this in under 2 seconds and doesn’t hang my app while it’s waiting.  Add to this that I got all this working in one day! Well done.

– Christopher Fieldhouse
[ UK ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since October 2005.

I have never seen a company that responds to requests so quickly!

– Kreg Jetsel
Houston Digital Corporation
[ USA ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since August 2005.

Extremely good value for money ! – good components, well supported. The best thing about the components is the person behind it. Whenever I have been stuck I have always had prompt replies to my email with helpful instructions, advise and recommendations.

– Peter Gregory
DGL Information Technologies
[ UK ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since June 2005.

I chose RTC components for my web based application because of the simplicity demonstrated on the “Getting started” web pages.  Not only are the components easy to use but just about every time I wished for a feature, it was already included.

Any web based Delphi project will benefit from the power and ease of use of the RTC components.

– Jon P. Grewer
Principal Developer
Advanced Data Management Systems
[ USA ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since May 2005.

I’m using RTC components to replace another 3rd party solution for remote functions. I have a client/server type of application with many rich clients talking to a central server. With my previous solution I had problems with updating client applications after updating the server. There was interface code that had to be compiled into the client applications.

RTC lets me avoid that whole upgrade headache. I can upgrade the server application and still have older clients connecting without any problems. I can deploy the updated clients to make use of the new features without worrying about version contention. I’m finding the remote function ability of RTC to be very intuitive and easy to implement — and extremely stable. Support couldn’t get any better. Response time to questions (I haven’t found any bugs) is extremely fast.

I highly recommend RTC components, and am excited about the new features previewed in the roadmap.

-Jim Gallagher
Zenia Software, Inc.
[ USA ]


– licensed RealThinClient user since February 2005.

Requirements of our customers and the progress in computing defines what we have to develop. Most important requirement is the location independence. In other words, our customers need software they can use on different locations, not only in one LAN (connect locations in Vienna, Berlin, Munich and also use mobile devices). Other requirements are: (a) get same complex functionality as in the classic Client/Server software (rich clients), (b) have same performance, (c) same security and (d) use only one central data store (databases) as the heart of all information.

Our own requirements are: (a) realize the customer needs fast and (b) re-use our existing source code (many man years).

We have searched for new solutions to satisfy this and other requirements. Shortly, it was clear that it should be the HTTP Protocol, a 3-tier web architecture, non-blocking, multithreading, all in Delphi, supporting Wininet (proxy, firewall, etc.) and prepare us for future solutions, when we have to move to .NET or Linux (at this moment, we have no intention to move to .NET or Linux, we develop win32 applications). Our Web application server has to be very fast, very stable and should handle a lot of concurrent connections and remote functions.

One day, we found what we need: RealThinClient components

In the beginning, we had some problems to understand RTC components. But, with excellent support from Danijel Tkalcec (fast, very professional and helpful) and the power and simplicity of RTC, we implemented our remote functions very quickly. RTC offers excellent stability and produces small applications with no memory leaks.

Until today, using RTC, we have realized (1) Clientel Web Application Server with 30 remote functions, the most are database functions with Firebird SQL Database as central data storage (clients using an early RtcDataSetClient beta). This Web Application Server is at the same time a PHP Web Server. (2) RTC Support Messenger is now integrated in the software used by our customers. We tested the Web application server with locations in USA and Europe. All tests was very satisfactory.

There is no big company behind RTC, which could be a problem one day. But … there is full delphi source code, the support is very good and we can bring in our requirements. This is something we can not expect from big companies like Microsoft or other software giants.

Our wish is to get E-Mail components in RTC, so we can send E-Mails directly from our Web Application Server, without using other third-party components. RTC Forms for Windows, Linux and Mac (maybe windows and java solution) is also one thing we are looking forward to.

Bottom line is … we are very happy with RealThinClient components and see great future in RTC.

– Gerhard Knapp
CTO and Senior Programmer
[ Austria ]


All the Testimonials above were written by licensed RealThinClient users and published here with their permission.
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